'Dead Snow 2' Nazi Zombies DVD Review
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“Dead Snow 2” A Retro Review

When this site was updated last year, we lost a lot of my work. I am now going to put it back starting  with “Dead Snow 2.” Zombies

This is the sequel to “Dead Snow,” which premiered at Sundance this year.

The evil Nazi zombies are back and are still wanting their gold back and while their at it, they have a new agenda.

“DS2″ starts where “DS” leaves off. The one survivor, Martin (Vegar Hoel), is once again pitted against the evil Nazi zombie Herzog and his gang of dead as nails third reich leftovers. There is a switch-a-roo involved that makes this film funnier and more interesting. I won’t give it away, but it has to do with two people exchanging arms … Anyway the NZ (Nazi zombies) want their remaining gold, but more than that, they want to complete what they were doing before they became worm food.

Martin calls in a group of ‘Zombie Hunters’ who supposedly know how to handle a zombie outbreak. They’ve waited for maybe several months to go toe to toe with the walking dead. The call comes, they go to fight the zombies that are on the way to attack a small town in Norway.

The zombies they come to fight aren’t the “Night of the Living Dead” zombies, not even “The Walking Dead” zombies. These guys think and take orders and they’re … Nazis’.

Relationships are formed, other ‘armies’ come into play and some hilarious hijinks ensues.

Terra’s Opinion:

This isn’t “Shaun of the Dead” or “Zombieland,” but it’s pretty good. Lots of blood and some laughs. You gotta love this films tagline:

They’re not just zombies. They’re Nazi zombies.

“Dead Snow 2” is available on most platforms and DVD.

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