Review: Twin Peaks: The Return, Part 3 What Happened to Agent Cooper?
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“Call for help” –Special Agent Dale Cooper. “Twin Peaks: The Return.

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Note: This article take effort to avoid spoilers making it necessarily indirect, perplexing and somewhat unclear, much like the episode itself.

“Twin Peaks: The Return”

Now, then. If this were the X-Files, which it is clearly not, we would refer to these first episodes of the new season of Twin Peaks: The Return as “mythology” episodes. There’s story telling that weaves together a large tapestry of myth around the Black Lodge, Agent Cooper, dopplegangers, and things viewers are not likely to yet understand. Or to ever understand.

Episode three is a Lynchian Odyssey that follows Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) through some strange places where peculiar events occur for reasons that are unknown. The episode spends very little time in Twin Peaks itself instead focusing on Agent Cooper’s “rebirth” of sorts. The end of the episode begins to gather the various storylines of the first episode together to possibly explain their links in the next installment.

The episode raises a number of questions for viewers and provides almost no answers.

Who is Dougie? Why didn’t Cooper’s shoes make the journey? What’s with the slot machines? What is 15? What is 3? What is the glass box for? Do other worldly beings subsist on creamed corn? Do indigenous peoples use chocolate to treat gas? What’s happening in Buckhorn, South Dakota?

I Don’t. Know. But, I will back next week for a chance to get an answer to any of these questions and ones I didn’t know I had. Meanwhile…

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