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With “The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, and Znation” all off TV for a while, who needs a zombie fix? I DO I DO! “Re-Kill” to the rescue. Thank you “After Dark Films,” for “Re-Kill.”

Just when I thought that there are no more original zombie plots, a film like “Re-Kill” comes along.


“Re-Kill” opens with a little girl coming into her home yelling for mommy. No mommy immediately shows up, so she turns on the TV. It is five years post zombie (called ‘re-ans’) apocalypse. The setting is all mostly New York. Manhattan has once again been fenced in (“Escape From New York” also used Manhattan as a prison for the worst of society).

The whole film is seen through the different channels of the TV. There are news channels and a channel that shows a team of badass special ops into situation where the re-ans have turned up. It’s called R-division. It is through this show that we see the gritty reality of the outbreak.

Theoretically, there shouldn’t be any more zombies being created, but there are. Here and there re-ans show up and must be put down.

The post zombie TV commercials are awesome! The US is trying to get people to have babies. There is an ad for a pill that will keep you from getting the virus so quickly, but you will still be horribly maimed.

These are fast, really pissed off zombies and sometimes shooting them in the head just doesn’t work.

Terra’s Opinion 

This film has so much gore you can almost smell the blood. It gives you a look of what a real zombie outbreak would look like in the media. It’s all about showing the blood up close and personal. It’s a bit disturbing beyond the zombies…look around your neighborhood, what if….and it was all on TV live.

“Re-Kill” is well made. A superior film from beginning to end. You can always count on a good flick from “After Dark.” There are several more in last years bunch that were released near Halloween and slipped my attention. That won’t happen again.

These are OnDemand and also on Amazon. Enjoy!

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