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The Booth Brother’s Philip and Christopher are major league documentary and horror filmmakers. Both are paranormal experts who have proven themselves over and over not to be in it for show, but for the love of people both on this side of the vale and the other side. Christopher’s first book, ‘Paranoia’ is out now on audio book. I read and reviewed this book when it first came out in paperback and it was great. The audio book is really enhanced.

Christopher reads his 27 chapters of often heart pounding paranormal stories. There are some laughs and even some supernatural sexual situations. Sounds funny, but no so funny to the couple that Christopher speaks about in his tome of true paranormal experiences.

Each chapter is full of insight into real spirits and also into the writer and filmmaker who, along with brother Philip, has done several paranormal documentaries and horror films. Check here for tons of DVDs of paranormal docs and horror films. There are also T-shirts etc for sale.

You can also pick and choose which chapters you would like to see  on Amazon.com or you can buy the whole Audio CD. You can also purchase the softcover book on either sites. This book is being released on February 8, 2016.

Terra’s Opinion

I love this audio book. It’s so relaxing hearing Christopher’s voice telling you each story. His voice is velvety, even when he say such things as “I fell down and starting violently throwing up.” Seriously, it’s an amazing book made more amazing by the music and sound effects that Christopher created specifically for his audio edition of “Paranoia.” I also like that Christopher tells it like it is about Paranormal ‘Reality’ shows. He reveals that an investigator can go through many hours, days and weeks of investigation without ever getting any evidence.

Each documentary is represented here with extra information that only Christopher could convey.

My favorite chapter, from my favorite documentary “Children of the Grave,” is the chapter about “Zombie Road” which is Chapter 10.

The book is wonderful and I would recommend it to the paranormal community or to the person who loves a good story by a great story teller.


1. Introduction (2:04)

2. The Strange Case Of Twins (4:16)

3.The Strange Case Of Los Angeles (5:09)

4.The Strange Case Of Being Jesus (4:40)

5.The Strange Case Of The Old Soldiers Home (2:03)

6. The Strange Case Of Dark Place (2:48)

7.The Strange Case Of Spooked The Ghosts Of Waverly Hills Sanatorium (4:49)

8.The Strange Case Of Death Tunnel (13:27)

9.The Strange Case Of Children Of The Grave (8:25)

10.The Strange Case Of Zombie Road (10:29)

11.The Strange Case Of Gore Orphanage (5:45)

12.The Strange Case Of The Crescent Hotel (2:22)

13.The Strange Case Of The Watseka Wonder (11:50)




14.The Strange Case Of Manteno State Hospital (3:33)

15.The Strange Case Of Wanda (1:16)

16.The Strange Case Of Anneliese Michel (3:13)

17.The Strange Case Of The Possessed (9:05)

18.The Strange Case Of The Queen Mary (2:45)

19.The Strange Case Of Rolling Hills Asylum (3:06)

20.The Strange Case Of The Mayfair Hotel (4:00)

21.The Strange Case Of Sex With Ghosts (15.23)

22.The Strange Case Of Children Of The Grave II (5:26)

23.The Strange Case Of The Stanley Hotel (1:31)

24.The Strange Case Of The Soul Catcher (8:00)

25.The Strange Case Of Paranoia (4:50)

26.The Strange Case Of The Hinsdale House (4:31)

27.The Strange Case Of The End Or The New Beginning (8:56)

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