'Drawl Duncan's Story: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse'
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‘Drawl :Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse’ by Shawn Chesser 

This is book number 10 in this series that is so popular with readers, especially to those who are or have served our country in the military. Shawn has gone back to the beginning with “Drawl” to tell the story of  Duncan. This former Vietnam helicopter pilot, is from Texas, and is as tough as nails. We learn of his roots, his hardcore drinking and his relationship with his friend Charlie. 

Duncan lives in Portland, Oregon. This is also where Cade, the lead character of this series lives. But, this story is all about Duncan. 

Shawn shows us the very start of the out break in Oregon and hints to other places the ‘Omega’ virus has taken hold. 

The book starts in downtown Portland with little hints here and there of what zombie book readers know is coming. It’s subtle at first not going all gory right away. This book has plenty of zombies, but it’s more the story of the human condition during the last days of mankind. We would all handle it differently and this is how Duncan handles the situation.

Duncan is a vet that is down on his luck as many are. However, he has a place to stay with his friend Charlie. He does, however, owe Charlie some money for rent and it is this that we first see Duncan trying to handle. Before long he and Charlie are handling dead things.

There is drama, horror and, of course, Shawn’s own wicked humor that makes his characters full and real.

Terra’s Opinion 

Duncan is an amazing character, he can do it all, Shoot a gun, fly most helicopters and take care of his friends. He also is worried his brother who is a prepper in Utah. Duncan and his brother appear in the other books as major characters.

There is everything to like here. A human story of a normal guy who finds himself in a nonhuman situation. He adapts and carries on and that’s what real men do.

This book is shorter than the other books. I really hope we see more of these types of books, I want to know everything about all the characters that appear in the STZA universe.

Shawn Chesser has given us yet another book of substance, zombies and great characters. Enjoy it.

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