This documentary All Governments Lie is timely and amazing.


Independent journalists Jeremy Scahill, Glenn Greenwald, and Michael Moore expose government lies and corporate deception, inspired by the legendary investigative journalist I.F. Stone. (Official website).

I.F. Stone was an independent journalist whose beat was politics.

Here is one of many comments on the book which this doc is based.

“Izzy Stone comes as close to living up to the rhetoric of free speech and a free press as anyone in the 20th century. His story is told here in the context of rich history of his time. This book is an important contribution to the current debate about the future and the nature of journalism and why the public as well as journalists should be involved in that debate.”
—Bill Kovach, Chairman, The Committee of Concerned Journalists

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With politics and journalism in such contention, this is the perfect time for this documentary. It tells the story of why it’s important to have an independent media.

According to this documentary, all cable news stations and even the big news shows on network TV have stopped reporting news. I’m not saying it’s ‘fake news’ news, but it’s not ALL the news that’s fit to print; or broadcast. It’s all about ratings and at this point in history it’s all about President Trump. The all day news and the nightly network news is are fighting for the ratings as that is what gives them the clout to ask for high prices for their ad space. It’s not like this is a new thing, it certainly isn’t. In the past we’ve seen things such as the Vietnam war body counts and the Apollo landing, putting the first of 12 men who would walk on the moon; all over the news for days. I was one of the people of my age who was glued to the TV. My family believed in history being important, and I was watching history.

Flash forward to August 2 1990. Desert Shield and then Desert Storm hit Iraq and our TVs. All war, all the time. I must admit, it was fascinating.

Then, in 2016, Donald Trump announces he will be running for the white house. It is at this time that very little news is valuable enough to be reported. When Trump was elected President of the United States of America, our news stations went to all Trump, all the time. Every move he makes is documented for posterity.

Back to I.F. Stone who’s started his weekly Indie , independent news knew that the news was no longer reporting as much real news as possible; this was back . The news stations and shows are reporting on the one thing-Donald Trump and his cast of crazies.

Now, more than ever, I.F. Stone’s idea of an independent news outlet is very important. No one is on the left and no one is on the right. The political news is reported.

Terra’s Opinion

This is an excellent documentary and I wish our society had a I.F. Stone of our own.

I recommend this not only to those of you who are interested in how news SHOULD be reported. I also recommend it to journalism students, those already in the field and teachers.

A valuable tool to set our country back on track.

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