'Anguish' A Paranormal Film Review
Plot weak35%
Acting OK 60%
Make Up/ Special Effects Very little50%
48%Overall Score
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The film watching public has a taste for the devil. In the last several years we have started seeing a sprinkling of horror films based on possession and Satan. My favorite is “Devil” Satan in an elevator, gotta love it. “Anguish” is a bit different. It isn’t the devil in this film, it’s the spirit of a young girl who wants the body of the live girl.


Written and directed by Sonny Mallhi, this  film premiered at the Fantasia International Film Festival a few months ago and stars Ryan Simpkins as “Tess,” a teenage girl finally old enough to understand that the cause of her psychological problems is a supernatural “gift” that allows spirits to take over her body. Now that she understands what is happening to her, she must decide whether she wants to keep fighting or succumb to the soul of a recently deceased girl who refuses to leave.  Karina Logue (Ray Donovan) and Annika Marks (The Fosters) also star.

Terra’s Opinion

I have a few problems with this film. The first problem is a constant in films that are ‘Based on a true story or event.’ The story of Tess and Lucy inhabiting the same body to be with their mothers sounds like a story that is fairly well documented from Illinois. However, I couldn’t find anything online regarding what ‘event’ this film is based on. If anyone cares to share, please do.

The second problem is that the first scene of the film in which Lucy  is killed it’s a shocking death. It was a foreshadowing of a great and exciting film. However, then we have 15-20 minutes of almost nothing to sink our teeth into. There are little flashes of horror flare like many sets of hands pressed against the inside of the front of Tess’s home as she is walking up to the door. There is also a scene in which Tess is walking out in the middle of the night (for no apparent reason) and we see her walking by a building of some kind. Her shadow is walking right with her, and there is another shadow, just a shadow, not person to go with it. Otherwise it’s a bunch of film with stuff on it.

Towards the end of the film it does get interesting as it is finally revealed what is happening.

There are great characters in this film with actors that are able bodied, but they have nothing interesting to do. It’s difficult to even feel bad for the woman whose daughter was killed because she just isn’t demand all that much sympathy.

I enjoy this kind of film, very much, but this film fell on its face and I am very disappointed.

If you really like horror films (me too) you will find this to be a good film, just stay with it.


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