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“Auto Shop of Horrors”

Glenn Berggoetz has released another film that shows his flair for the quirky side of Indie film with “Auto Shop of Horrors.” This is a movie review.

Glenn not only directs, along with Tim Gallagher, he also stars as a man who owns an auto shop and has an odd taste in groceries.

Synopsis (IMDb)

A mentally disturbed car mechanic becomes convinced that if he eats enough human eyeballs he’ll develop the ability to see into the future, so when customers bring their cars into his repair shop, he eats their eyeballs.

You would normally see such a crime committed on “Criminal Minds.”

Berggoetz character, who goes through a few name change via his shirt name tag, makes his customers a human buffet of…you guessed it, eye balls. One after another his customers fall by the wayside, eyeless.

Of course, we couldn’t have such a dastardly villain if we don’t have some lovelies for him to be dastardly to. So, we have Kasha Fauscett and Lauren von Engeln to name a few. Having said that, I must say that Randy is an equal opportunity serial eye sucker. He also ate many male eyes.

Glenn’s past work is also worth taking a look at. “To Die is Hard” is my favorite, but three are several others including a film about Midget Zombies; how fun it that?

I’ve reviewed many of Glenn’s films and this is really a clever and funny film worthy of the name Berggoetz.

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