SyFy Channel Zero, which has stepped up its game for ‘Channel Zero’ to offer.

If you missed season one, it was called ‘Channel Zero: Candle Cove’ and can be viewed here.

“Channel Zero: Candle Cove was based on a ‘CreepyPasta’ story. WHAT?!!! You don’t know what CreepyPasta is? I’m almost positive you know the main character from one of the other stories from CC. His name is ‘Slender Man, and he’s pretty scary. See here for real world ‘Slender Man’ horror. There is an article about the first girl who was on trail after the video, it’s below the video on in the article.

Synopsis of “CZ: No End House.”

A college student is challenged by her friends into entering No-End House, an infamous attraction containing six different rooms, each more terrifying than the last. (IMDbPRO).

Enjoy this trailer:

Terra’s Review

About half way through season one “Channel Zero, I started getting bored. After the end of the show my husband and I discussed it and he really enjoyed the show. I’ve been analyzing my feelings since the end of the first episode aired. I think last season not only went hot and cold, it also went large and small. The show would get really scary (the guy who ate teeth was horrifying),  and then went the other way into ‘wait and see.’ It felt like a large story  which should would shrink in size and make the audience feel…kind of trapped. However, that never really happen.

I truly hope that this season stays on the path it walked in episode one. It was creepy and let you know upfront what the show was about.

I will watch to see.

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Let me know below what you think of this new season of “Channel Zero.”

Channel Zero: No End House Trailer
Channel Zero: No End House Trailer

Some interesting scenes from the TV show.

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