eBook Review

eBook Review

“Comic-Con” is July of every year.

If you’ve never attended the craziness that is San Diego’s Comic-con, (SDCC), here is a little taste of what it’s like.

You either get up early, or never go to the hotel, if you can get one. You stand in line for H Hall, (we call it Hell Hall), there are almost 300 people in front of you and the line won’t move for hours. Who are you going to see? It might have been the “Twilight” stars earlier this decade.  It could be a movie involving; Steven Spielberg, Angelina Jolie, Mila Kunis, Simon Pegg or the cast of whatever the newest, hottest film coming out in the near or even far future is.

The whole area around the San Diego Convention center is packed full of people, 150,000 extra people all looking for food, celebrities, free tickets for movies and swag. I’ve never seen anything like it x6. I’ve been six times, my daughters been twice that many times.

“Comic-Con Strikes Again!” covers a lot of what is above. However, the major information in this Kindle Single (short and sweet) is back to the roots of ‘the con.’ Comic books. It was all about comic books. Wolk explains how the comic books were so important to the people who attended the first ‘cons.’ They were held at a hotel, the Cortez I believe.

The majority of the book is about the comic book industry and how you won’t be able to be successful, even with the classes and opportunities at the con. It’s a bit depressing, if you had hoped to use the SDCC as a stepping stone to comic book greatness. But, there are other ways to become successful. Google it because I have no idea, but where there is a will there is a way.

Terra’s Opinion

This book was written as a short, and it is indeed short. One setting will do it for most readers.

I don’t understand the comic book business and haven’t read one since I was a kid and then it was a “Little Lulu.” So…I must defer th Mr. Wolk and his expertise on the subject.

I loved the parts in which he speaks of the Con as it is now, or as it was the few years ago this book was written.

If you are a wanna be comic book or graphic novel writer/artist, this is a great book.

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Photo from Comic-Con shot by Terra King/TIV

"Comic-Con Strikes Again!" by Douglas Wolk eBook Review
Well Written
Comic-Con Contemporary Nostalig
Vintage Nostalgia
4.0Overall Score

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