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Seanan McGuire, who often writes as Mira Grant is an amazing indie writer. I have reviewed this eBook before, but it was not transferred to this site when we closed out the old. I must do this new review because Seanan/Mira rocks. In this book She destroys Comic-Con (SDCC), and who wouldn’t want to read about that. Mira’s book is a Novella which is a short book, between 300-400 pages.

Synopsis (Amazon).

It was the summer of 2014, and the true horrors of the Rising were only just beginning to reveal themselves. Fans from all over the world gathered in San Diego, California for the annual comic book and media convention, planning to forget about the troubling rumors of new diseases and walking dead by immersing themselves in a familiar environment. Over the course of five grueling days and nights, it became clear that the news was very close to home…and that most of the people who picked up their badges would never make it out alive.

Comic-con and zombies

Comic-Con and zombies










ZOMBIES ATTACK COMIC-CON. Imagine this headline in your local paper or on the cable news network of your choice? This is the story of just that.

This ‘rising’ has been talked about here and there. People aren’t sure if they believe it. In this book, it doesn’t spread quickly as in most zombie stories. However, in 2014 ‘the con’ is splashed all over the news as the first major rising.

The story of that horrible preview Wednesday is told by survivor Lorelei Tutt to journalist Mahir Gowda.

Lorelei Tutt was at Comic-Con in 2014, 30-years ago, and tells the story of her family and her friends. It’s a gut wrenching story of one of the major outbreaks early in the rising’s history.

Terra’s Opinion

I really love this novella. I adore Mira/Seanan and her zombie books. This one is near and dear to my still beating heart as I have been to Comic-Con (SDCC, San Diego Comic-Con) several times. I have been on the dealers floor to see what was being offered many times. It’s eerie how good this book gets all the details. Obviously, Ms. Grant is a geek, which is not a bad thing.

I would recommend this book to everyone who loves ‘the con’ or zombies or both. It is not for the younger set.

5/5 Stars


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