“The cow jumped over the moon,” Dale Cooper’s Doppleganger

Coffee Shop from “Twin Peaks”

Of the first five episodes of the long awaited third season of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, each is better than the last. Part 5 has something for everyone: coffee, a fight scene, an explosion, bad job interviews, a sinister phone call, glimpses at old and new characters.

Special Agent Dale Cooper is still in Las Vegas walking in the shoes of the now former Dougie Jones, a slimy insurance agent with some apparent bad habits. Cooper is slowly coming out of the stupor of 25 years in the Black Lodge and the possible trauma of the journey. Parents everywhere will recognize the confusion, inertia and exuberance of toddlerhood as “Agent” Cooper comes into his own independence again, albeit slowly. At this stage, Cooper needs prompting for every activity, but he seems to do just fine making his way through the world with some new gifts in tow and coffee in hand. PS—someone really wants Dougie dead for an unpaid debt.

In this episode, we get our first glimpse at Shelly’s daughter, Becky, (Amanda Seyfried) when she makes a delivery at the Double R and asks mom for some cash. Clearly, her mother and Norma know that she and her boyfriend are using drugs. We witness Becky’s bliss, which may overshadow reason in her choice of dudes because eww.

Coop’s Doppleganger is given one phone call from a South Dakota jail, which he uses as an opportunity to create a spectacle and to generate a great deal of speculation. After dialing a long code, the jail’s alarm system rings out as he tells someone on the other end of the line, “The cow jumped over the moon.”

Sheriff Truman’s wife, Doris, pays him a flustered visit at the office: she cannot deal with a broken pipe, ya’all.

Doc Jacoby is an anti-government internet sensation selling golden shit-digging shovels. *shrug*

The plot is starting to get thick up in here, just the way we like it.

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