David Cassidy was the Justin Bieber of his time. He starred in a show called “The Partridge Family,” and became a tiny bopper super star on the show and the concert circuit. (David Cassidy)

On Wednesday March 1 2017, David Cassidy appeared on “The Dr. Phil” show to talk about his diagnosis and immediate future. Above is a small clip of their conversation.

Cassidy talked about his concert that was apparently the reason he finally had to quit touring. David appeared to be drunk, slurring his words and stumbling so badly he feel off the stage at one point. Like the trooper he is, he got right back on and continued his concert. His fans booed him yelling out that he was drunk and other not so nice things to say to your childhood idol. David has had substance abuse in his life, but he says he is clean now. Regardless, he blames his problems on the a few things such as, heredity (his mother died of the disease), the hours he worked as a young person which were many. He shot the show Monday through Friday, during the evening he would be recording music for the show and for the his solo career. On the weekends, he did concerts. Monday, it was back to work on the show. That’s a lot for a 15-year-old kid.

Even though many videos exist of his concert that was the catalyst for David’s decision to retire from live performances. Even though the tape is shown over and over during the show, David thinks he was performing well. The video shows Cassidy slurring his words and forgetting the lyrics to songs he has performed for almost 50 years. It shows long time fans booing him and telling him to ‘go back to rehab.’ It’s truly a sad. sad situation.

Watch the video above leave a comment below, I will send them on to David’s people so he can read you comments.

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