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Sunday June 4 saw the beginning of season 3 of “Fear the Walking Dead.”

As season three opens we find part of our cast from FTWD has found yet another place of refuge. Luciana and Nick tried to run for the border during the last season. They made it, only to be the victims of a military attack. If you remember, Luciana was shot during the attack and both she and Nick were captured.

As it turns out, Travis has also been captured by these military maniacs and is reunited with Nick and his gal Luciana.

There were two episodes to watch on Sunday and then an episode of  “Talking Dead.” The second episode dealt with the group being taken to yet another ‘ranch’ where Luciana was not allowed in because she is going down fast. Nick wouldn’t leave her at the gate and he was able to take her to little hospital in the compound.

A major character is lost during this second episode. No spoilers here, it’s a big cast could be anyone.

We also get a look at what is going on back at ‘Hotel Hell.’ There are still people at the gates that want and need help. A new doctor pops up (you might recognize him), who helps with the people that are injured and ill. He also delivers a baby.

TERRA’S OPINION of “Fear the Walking Dead.”

After a pretty good first season followed by a bit of a yawn in the second season, this season #3 has opened with some interesting plot changes.

As always, acting is top notch and the new characters added are interesting. Interesting, but just barely and some promising characters are gone within an hour or so of their arrival in the story. One unforgivable problem is the absence of zombies. TWD has fallen into this pitfall also, but it took them much longer. There were zombies and they were horrific, but if you’re gonna make a zombie show…have some zombies.

In my opinion, I think the show took it’s cast out of Los Angles too soon. We were shown how the ‘City of Angels’ reacted to the onslaught of a horrible plague. But, instead of showing how the survivors in our group would live and probably die, they are shown fleeing. They go first to a beautiful home on a hill overlooking the city and then to a yacht where they have nothing but trouble. They are then deposited in Mexico. The show runners missed an opportunity to have a show on the caliber of “The Walking Dead” of which “Fear The Walking Dead” is a spin off.

This reviewer will keep watching  because it is my job (and I have hopes that the show will somehow connect with TWD), but my hopes seem pointless.

“Fear The Walking Dead.”

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