Here is the schedule for Saturday November 11th at the EugeneComicCon.

Also, here is what is happening Sunday Nov. 11th 11:00 am at the Con.

From the ECC website:

11:00 am. Saturday is finally here and is so the official opening of EUCON!  Limited edition weekend and Saturday badges available on a first come basis, so get here early!
12:30 am. Homestuck invades EUCON!  Don’t miss out on what is sure to be a fun interactive panel.  NOTE:  This panel should be considered PG13 due to language.
11:30-6:30 am-pm. The Science factory will be hosting our kids area this year with fun experiments and hands on crafts including building a robot!
5:30 pm. A game show to get your geek on!  Featuring trivia questions, charades, and audience participation!  Play to win prizes and have a blast!
Here is what is happening tomorrow, Sunday Nov. 12 11:00 am at the Con
1:30 pm. If you missed Satruday’s  The Force Experience, here’s another chance for kids to train with Jedi in the ways of The Force and lightsaber combat with the chance of potentially assisting the Jedi in defending against Sith.  A great family event you’ll not want to miss!
2:30 pm. After a parade around the convention, join us on the Performance Hall Stage for the kids copslay contest.  A chance for our young cosplayers to show off their costumes and win some cool prizes!  Please show up near the Performance Hall Stage at 2:10pm to line up!
11:30 am-4:30 pm. Bring your kids to the Science factory kids area for fun with science and the chance to build a robot!
12:00 pm. Comic fans will not want to miss what is sure to be an epic panel!  Join the legendary Mike Royer and artist Mike Allred as they discuss all things comics and Jack Kirby!  You will not see these two together at another con and this is a rare opportunity!  It gets better…that crazed maker of art Matt Brundage will be hosting this panel!
1:00 pm. Join full time professional artist alley artists, Brian Linss of and Meg Kirkpatrick, as they give you the tools you need to turn your hobby into a career. This interactive panel will feature a wide range of topics on making art your business. Bring your questions and a notebook. You are going to want to write this down.
2:00 pm. Whether you are an artist with no programming skills, or a programmer with no art skills, web technology can let you build and ship a game. In this 1 hour session you’ll learn about the many tools, libraries, and communities that can help you build your own game.
2:00 pm. Join Sherilyn Fenn, James Marshall, Kimmy Robertson, and Harry Goaz for an epic round of Q&A as the stars of Twin Peaks answer your questions!  Panel host Brian Linss of and  feature film director Josh Eisenstadt will beoverseeing what is sure to be a lively and fascinating panel!
3:00 pm. The web is ready for 3D. This session will show you the latest 3D technology available on desktop and mobile, including immersive VR games, augmented reality apps,  and educational 3D experiences.  You’ll learn not on what is available but see some tools to help you make your own 3D experiences.
4:30 pm. Extraterrestrial life is ubiquitous in science fiction.  From Star Wars to Futurama, the existence of alien life is a given in many of the sci-fi stories we know and love.  But the science fact is that currently the Earth is the only place we know of where life exists.  So are we really alone in the universe?  Learn how scientists today are searching for signs of life beyond the Earth with current and upcoming NASA space missions like the Mars 2020 Rover, Kepler Mission, James Webb Space Telescope and more.
Address: 796 W 13th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402
Tickets are on sale at the con which is being held at the Lane Events Center.

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