“Microbe & Gasoline”

I am a big fan of foreign films. If you avoid them, you are losing out on such films as “Microbe & Gasoline.”


Microbe, a shy, aspiring artist, has trouble making friends at school until he meets Gasoline, a likeminded outcast. Together they hatch a plan to build a car and spend their summer on an epic road trip across France. This charming adventure from Michel Gondry (MOOD INDIGO, BE KIND REWIND) has been called his “most satisfying movie since ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND,” reminding us how friendships can help us reach our true potential. Also starring Audrey Tautou (AMELIE, DA VINCI CODE) (Rotten Tomatoes)

‘Microbe & Gasoline” is a charming film featuring two kids who are going on a summer road trip in a vehicle they built to resemble a house. These two young men Daniel (Ange Dargent) and Theo (Theophile Baquet) met when Theo moves into the neighborhood and goes to the same school as Daniel. They become fast friends and soon traveling buddies.

Daniel has ambitions to be an artist and Theo is good with mechanical things.

As Theo works on the vehicle, Daniel does his best to keep up. Both kids are uninterested in school as they are bullied and frankly, both have talents that would best be served at a school for gifted and talented kids. But, this film isn’t about their talent. This is a light, funny, charming film about two young boys who have a destination and a way to get there. At least, they think they do.

Terra’s Opinion:

Simple and sweet like a summer from childhood, “Microbe & Gasoline” hits the spot. I’ve seen some call it a coming of age film. However, no one comes of age. No one even has a big cathartic experience. This film isn’t about that. It’s straight out charm and childlike happiness. Except for the fact that the kids runaway from home for their ‘road trip,’  it’s the perfect film for a summer afternoon. Light and airy and just wonderful. There are a few silly sexual situations involving boys who are going through puberty. It isn’t a story of two boys discovering each other except as friends.

Both children are great actors and deserve applause. I really like Theophile as he is not only a great actor, he’s adorable.

Lots of good stuff from these children to come. Good job on this one. It didn’t hurt that they had such a director as Michel Gondry.

I give this film 100%, very enjoyable.

Microbe & Gasoline movie review

“Microbe & Gasoline” movie review


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