If you haven’t heard of Charles Manson and what his followers did to Sharon Tate and friends in August of 1969, your knowledge of horrible history is lacking.

Anomaly in the background

Anomaly in the background

In August of 1969, Charles Manson sent some of his most evil followers to Cielo Drive in Topanga Canyon. The home at the end of the road was once rented by Terry Melcher . Manson had thought that Melcher (son of Doris Day), was still living at the house. Melcher wasn’t, but a beautiful, and very pregnant starlet named Sharon Tate did. The rest, as they say, is history.

On August 9th the summer of love ended along with the sixties. The world was a different place and has never really gone back to the much nicer time it was.

Flash forward 48 years to the anniversary weekend of this dastardly deed, and you can have a chance to spend the night searching for the spirits that are often seen and heard at David Oman’s house, 200 feet from the house where Sharon and her friends were slain in a most heinous way. In what is an exciting extra added special, the house that is setting closer to the gates of the ‘Tate House,” is also open for the hunt. This house was there the night of the murders. The killers actually went right by it as they were on their way to do their horrible bidding for Manson.

So, what happens at Casa Oman? I can’t tell you what I witnessed on the night I spent at the home so close to the Tate murder site.

First of all is the Beetlejuice action figures that set on a very heavy, stable top above the large fish aquarium. Sometimes the figures just stand there, doing nothing. But, other times, they fall over and over and over. One actually seemingly jumped off the counter and almost hit me.

As David was giving us a tour of the house, THE bedroom where a lot of stuff goes on; my husband and I actually felt a really stiff cold breeze came out of the wall (not sure if there is a bathroom there, or just a wall). I didn’t stop to see as we exited the room.

The last, and very disturbing thing that happened is that I had decided to take a photo of one particular room (that you will see on the tour and hunt). David’s house is amazing, it’s three stories and each has it’s own unique feel. We walked down this spiral staircase, myself and my husband. As we came to the floor we wanted something just blocked me from going down the hallway. It wasn’t something physical, I saw nothing nor did I hear anything. It was a feeling, like a wall of fear. I couldn’t walk more than a foot or two down the hallway. When the guys on “Ghost Adventures” say ‘NO NO NO NO.’ I now understand why. Very scary.

So, you may or may not experience such things, but I bet you will have something…

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