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Christopher Saint Booth, whose previous books include a paranormal coloring book. This coloring  book entitled “Color Me Haunted” was written with his wife Rachel Booth.

This new book, “Ghost Orphans” is based on the paranormal documentary “Children of the Grave.” This excellent documentary tells the very sad tale of children who were left orphaned in the early part of the 20th century. Many of these children were victimized and died at the hands of their caretakers. There are  many tragedies in the stories of “Children Of The Grave.” The worst of these stories, brought to light by EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon), is horrifying.

Several paranormal investigators including Keith Age, Phillip Adrian Booth, Steven Lachance and Christopher, Phillip’s twin brother, are out to find what they can about the children. They also know that there might be an abuser, caution must be taken.

The chapter is entitled “Follow Me” and it starts on page 32. There is talking between the investigators and some spirits. Keep in mind, the children weren’t allowed to go to this floor of the orphanage. What starts out as a search for dead children who have something to say turns into a frightening encounter with a much different entity.

This book is full of such true tales about children who passed at these orphanages that were basically just warehouses for parentless children.

Table of contents

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I also recommend the chapters about Zombie Road. There are ghost children there also, sad as that sounds.

Official Synopsis:

From the producer of Spooked, Death Tunnel, Dead Still & The Exorcist File as seen on Syfy and Destination America. Based on the highly acclaimed Booth Brothers documentaries, Children Of The Grave and Children Of The Grave 2. Winner of Best Paranormal Documentary. Ghost Orphans explores abandoned orphanages and cemeteries to uncover the tragic haunted past of thousands of forgotten souls buried in unmarked graves. Unearth their shocking existence in this inspiring true story from Children Of The Grave. Written by acclaimed supernatural documentary filmmaker, Christopher Saint Booth with John Zaffis, Rosemary Ellen Guiley and more….

My Results:

This book recaps a lot of what is in the documentaries “Children Of The Grave” and “Children Of The Grave 2.” Both of these documentaries are top notch as are all of the Booth paranormal docs. The people who work with Christopher and his brother on these films are so empathetic. It’s amazing to see and hear them loving these children by giving them a voice. Christopher and company are careful not to frighten these little ones, they take great care with them. To the point where they (Chris, Phillip and Keith plus others), have gone up against a seriously sinister spirit who probably are responsible for the death of some of these babies.

I can’t give this book any less than 5 stars it’s impossible. To be immersed in the stories of these children with the likes of Christopher Saint Booth is an opportunity not to be missed.

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