'Hell Town' On VOD Today
From award-winning directors Steve Balderson and Elizabeth Spear comes this special presentation of three episodes from their never before released prime-time horror-comedy series HELL TOWN. These episodes are the painstakingly remastered episodes seven, eight and nine of Season Two. Seasons One and Three were completely destroyed in a studio fire. The executives suspected arson.
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“Hell Town”

Steve Balderman’s “Hell Town” starts today on Video on Demand (VOD).

“Hell Town” is a send up of not only soap operas, but of those annoying angst filled, teenage romance/horror films that have been popular since the beginning to time.

All the characters of such films are here.

  • Debbie Rochon who plays the teller of the tales, the Elvira type character in name only. She’s the hostess.
  • Krysten Day is the ingenue who is a bit tainted.
  • Beckijo Neill plays Laura #1, in the next of the three episodes we see, she has been replaced by …
  • Jennifer Grace. Next and last Laura: She has a really, really big problem with sister Trish. Really big.
  • Plesant Gehman plays the nurse who takes care of the rich family’s mom. She also plays that mom. She may or may not want the family fortune.
  • Many young men, some gender confused. The killer, who steals the letter off of the victims letterman’s jacket, could be anyone.

There are many people responsible for this film’s success on the festivals.

It’s an interesting combination of the tired soap opera mixed with the teenage slasher genre.

The plot is tired, but combined with the soap opera and the quirky characters, it could end up being a cult classic.

The stand out actress for me and they are all pretty good in this film. But, I love Jennifer Grace. Her rants are priceless.

All in all this film is not out of this world great, but it’s fun to watch and the second time you watch you can talk back to the characters.

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