'The Incurable' History & Hauntings of Waverly Hills Sanatorium
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This is a book review of  “The Incurable” History & Hauntings of Waverly Hills Sanatorium Vol. 1. (Limited Edition) Written by Christopher Saint Booth.

‘The Incurable’ is like a course in what to expect while touring Waverly Hills. If you aren’t familiar with Waverly, please check it out.

Considered one of the most haunted places in the world, Waverly was originally a sanatorium for those who had tuberculosis. This disease, also known as ‘the white death,’ was deadly. This hospital was the place to go if you or a relative needed treatment. Unfortunately, thousands of these people would end up going down the ‘death tunnel,’ which is properly called the ‘body chute.’  This chute is situated in the hospital so that patients/visitors can’t see the bodies of the dead being removed from the building. It is 500 Ft. long and is fairly steep.

Christopher’s book is organized perfectly for both tourists or hunters. He takes each floor, of which there are five, and explains everything about that floor.

He covers:



Interviews with survivors/former employees

Letters of the time that were sent back and forth between families.

There are also lots of info on other books that Christopher has written. And films he and his twin brother Philip have made.

A copy of ‘The Waverly Bulletin.’

The creatures and spirits that are seen in and around the building.

I want to mention two particular creatures. The first are actually a bunch of entities called ‘shadow people.’ I use to see them when I was a kid, not as much as an adult. Apparently, Waverly is so full of them that you can stand and look down one of the huge hallways and see them. They walk back and forth between rooms and even walk right for you. CHILLING!

The second entity is  called ‘The Creeper.’ Just the name scares me. ‘The Creeper’ is thought to be a creature of darkness rather than your average spirit. He creeps across the floor, sometimes on the ceiling. ‘The Creeper’ is rarely seen, so a sighting would be very special and very scary.

Terra’s Opinion about ‘The Incurable’ 

‘The Incurable’ is a good, quick read. Christopher has seen a lot of spirits in his time. He is also one of the most empathetic men in the paranormal community. I particularly like the way he treats children’s spirit. Many people don’t realize, these are actually children and should be treated accordingly.

I believe this book to be good for both newbies or seasoned hunters that haven’t been to Waverly. It’s a great book to plan where in the hospital you want to see and which floor it is on. Also, find the places where certain spirits have been seen before.

From a historical point of view, ‘The Incurable’ is outstanding. When I go to places I’m not familiar with I really appreciate having the history of the area. Christopher’s book is a combination of everything you would want to read about this extreme haunt.

Also included is a bibliography of Booth’s other works (check out the ‘Exorcist Diary,’ it’s the real story).

Also, along with other films the Booth Brothers did, is a paranormal documentary entitled “Spooked: The Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium.” After cast and crew had paranormal experiences during filming, the Booth Brothers decided to do a documentary about this hospital. This documentary is my favorite and I believe the best of the genre.

‘The Incurable’ is a lesson in how to visit the most haunted place in the world.

Grab this book and enjoy.

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