'Insidious: Chapter 3' Film Review
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“Insidious: Chapter 3”

Once again Oren Peli ( “Paranormal Activity”,)  has brought creepiness into our homes with “Insidious: Chapter 3.” Peli is known for his creepy, in your face type of horror that no one else does as well. This time we see the third installment of “Insidious: Chapter 3” which is actually a prequel that explains all about Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye,) the psychic who has saved the day in the first two installments of this disturbing franchise.

Quinn Brenner (Stephanie Scott) lost her mother a year ago and wants nothing more in the world than to talk to her. A friend suggests a psychic (Elise,) that might be able to help her. Elise has also lost someone. Her husband died around the same time as Quinn’s mother. Quinn goes to Elise just to have her freak out while she’s trying to reach Quinn’s mother psychically. As it turns out, someone on the dark side of the afterlife doesn’t like Elise and has sworn to kill her.  The shaky psychic explains to the young woman to never call for someone on the other side because all of the dead can hear her. Calling ‘mom’ could mean any mom….or any creepy entity that happens to hear her.

After a horrible accident Quinn is in the hospital where she has a near death experience and first meets ‘the man who can’t breath.’ That is actually what he is called, no name, just a creepy title. The man looks dead and wears a breathing mask so it seems like he actually died in the hospital. Quinn recovers, but is followed home of this creepy man.

The movie is full of more of the same from the other two films. Glimpses of really scary spirits and the dead trying to drag the living into their dark realm.

Terra’s Opinon 

I like it! Lin Shaye is a jewel who always brightens the screen, even in a dark film. Check her out  “Dead End.” A scary film that also features genre star Ray Wise.

There aren’t as many dark beings in this film, the main being the man who can’t breath. There are a few others, but it’s the guy who whezzes through the whole film that is the main antagonist.

Dark and scary, with a fairly good plot line, the third installment of Insidious is worth a look.

It is now playing on your cable company’s indemand section. Turn out the lights and hold on tight.

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