Naciye Horror From Turkey
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The synopsis for “Naciye” is this:

Just as every woman needs a room of her own, “Naciye” needs a place of her own. The island house, where she grew up is her “safe place.” She will do anything to protect that house and everything in it. “Bengi” is pregnant. The relationship with her husband, who always decides what is best for everyone including their unborn child, and “Bengi,” is complicated. They are on their way to the island house to spend the weekend. “Bengi’s” husband rented it without telling her. She is not excited about it at all, and she feels uneasy about everything. Derya Alabora (“Naciye”) and Esin Harvey (“Bengi”) portray the two women who face each other in a matter of life and death. As the tension escalates, mysterious stories are revealed about the island house and “Naciye.”

Official poster

Official poster

There is so much more to this film than is mentioned above. This film is touted as a ‘horror’ film, but it is more of a ‘thriller.’

“Naciye” seems to go from time frame to time frame, light to dark, one family to another. Each different family seems to be living in the same house, at the same time, but in different realities. Once in a while one of the characters crosses over and mayhem ensues.

I’m sure when viewed and understood in Turkish, this is probably a great film, I just had a lot of problems with continuity.

Terra’s Opinion

Derya Alabora is an excellent actress who is beautiful and looked so much different in this film. I’ve never seen a film with Alabora before and I was impressed with her.

There were sexual situations that I found distasteful and unnecessary, but they were there to push the story forward, I think other situations could have done the same.

Acting was good, no problem there. The story line as I mentioned above was confusing to me. Also, marketing this as a horror film doesn’t do it for me. This is thriller at best and confusing at most. The only horror I really saw were the sexual situations, one of which almost happen between a sister and her younger brother.

Perhaps it’s just that I haven’t been exposed to other Turkish films. I hope they are better than this.

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