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“Pandemic,”  will be released in the U.S. on April 1st, but will first have its world premiere at the “Glasgow FrightFest” where it is replacing “Cell.”

This zombie film has a new twist that we’ve actually seen once before in the much inferior “House of the Dead.” As the characters in the film are shooting or beating the infected (levels 1-5), you experience it in the first person. The gun is in front of you and it’s basically you that becomes the character for that moment in time. This is NOT a game, you can’t direct the gun to shoot where you want, but it’s pretty cool anyway.

Regarding the levels of infection. There are 5, going from being invected via the virus or a blood contact from an infected. They go up from there, stage two a bit worse, three is obviously worse. These levels are separated by what seems like death. Level 5 is full blown zombie, really nasty, drooling, biting zombie!!!

The cast is stellar starring Rachel Nichols, Missi Pyle, Alfie Allen and Mekhi Phifer. Phifer is making his second appearance in a zombie film having appeared in “Dawn of the dead 2004.”

As the pandemic that is set in the near future (2017), ravishes the world, only a few uninfected are hiding in places like schools and hospitals. The government has a secure compound from which they send a group of experts. They send a ‘wheel man’ who is the driver (Alfie Allen). They send a navigator (Pyle), a big guy with a gun (Phifer) and a doctor (Nichols). This team is sent out to do what all the other teams have done…try and bring back supplies and uninfecteds.

As our group goes into L.A., they are attacked by many of the infected.  The group  manages to escape and gets on their way to the hospital. From this point on, it’s crazy, maddening and exciting zombie action.

There are some twists and turns that make their trip through the former ‘City of Angels’ a trip through hell.

“Pandemic” is not to be missed. It will be opening on April 1st in the U.S.. You’re in for a really good zombie treat.

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