Indie Short film “Patient 23” is a chills filled film for all horror lovers.

The foundation of Indie film is the short films that only have a very small time to tell you a story. These films can be amazing or can be as boring as watching paint dry. This film is amazing.

The synopsis of “Patient 23.”

A doctor is very close to her goal in a military facility that is top secret. That’s about all I can reveal. It’s an 11 minute film, however there is a lot of action and excitement in those 11 minutes.


Zombies are fun no matter how long they’re on the screen. Shows such as “The Walking Dead” have pushed the zombie genre into hyper-drive. Thank goodness for that.  Films like “World War Z” and numerous Indies about zombies are now on DVD and streaming sites. Many of them are not the best that Indie has to offer, but “Patient 23” is definitely one of the great ones.

Even though we’ve seen similar films, but this one is very short and will still give you a zombie fix like no other short I’ve seen.

The actors are superior for an Indie film and I can’t wait for more from film maker Anthony Gutierrez. I will follow up with a list of the actors from “Patient 23.”

This film is currently being entered into Film Festivals. Stay tuned to find out where and when you can see this kick-ass zombie short. If you’ve never been to a film festival, you should really check one out. There are festivals that are cater to every taste. Horror, drama, gay, science, Sci Fi and many other genres are to be had just by looking them up online. Find one and have fun.

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