'Portrait of a Serial Monogamist Film Review
Plot weak45%
Acting good75%
Direction Weak +50%
57%Overall Score
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“Portrait of a Serial Monogamist”

This film is the story of a beautiful 40 something lesbian Elsie, Diane Flacks (“The Kids in the Hall.”), who drifts in and out of relationships for reasons that vary. When she breaks up with a long time girlfriend Robyn, (Carolyn Taylor,) she becomes attracted to an interesting younger woman Lolli who is played well by actress Vanessa Dunn.

After Elsie leaves Robyn behind (or has she), Elsie makes a bet with her best friend that she couldn’t get a new girlfriend for five months. However, along came Lolli, a younger and vibrant woman and a relationship of sorts starts. There are sparks, but there is the bet.

The story revolves around the above situations, but not much more.

Terra’s Opinion

I became a bit bored with this film actually. The acting is good, but the story if flawed. Elsie’s friends who are almost all her exs talk about her, right in front of her and she just walks away, but doesn’t retaliate in any way. Maybe I’m just a fighter, but I would have had a bit of something to say to them and a few would be gone out of my life. Passive isn’t always the way to go.

The city of Toronto where this film was shot actually becomes a bit of a character along with the actors. Not as much as New York City did in “Sex and the City,” but it certainly had its own personality and was shown off just right.

Also, in the beginning of the film, the fourth wall is taken down and Elsie talks right to you. She does some explaining of what is going on in her life. This is something that other films should do instead of just leave viewers hanging without knowing exactly what happened. Bravo for that!

I feel like the film didn’t tell this story as well as it could have and the ending could have been much more powerful if done a bit differently.

As with every film, there will be plenty of fans of this film.

It is available as follows:

PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL MONOGAMIST debuts Feb 9, 2016 across all digital platforms including iTunes, Vimeo On Demand, and WolfeOnDemand.com, and will also be available same date on DVD via Wolfe Video and many major retailers. Also playing theatrically in Los Angeles at the Arena Cinema starting January 22.

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