'Ratter' Cyber Stalking is horrifying
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No rats, but some stalking. Scary Stalking.

No rats, but some stalking. Scary Stalking.

“Ratter” is the story of a young woman, Emma (Ashley Benson),  who has moved to Brooklyn for school. From the very start of the film you realize that Emma is being stalked; via her phone and computer. Every move she makes is watched and often recorded.

Emma broke up with a volatile boyfriend Alex, and he is constantly calling and is generally an ass. However, he still lives back home, did he follow her to Brooklyn?

Emma meets fellow student Michael (Matt McGorry), who becomes her love interest. Is Michael as good as he seems?

There is a systematic invasion of Emma’s privacy through both of her electronic devices. As our heroine becomes aware that something is going on, it’s too late, her stalker grows ever closer.

Also features: Kalli Vernoff, Rebecca Naomi Jones and Alex Carnmer.

Terra’s Opinion

This film is disturbing and is bound to be a cult classic.

Actress Ashley Benson pretty much carries this film on her own slender shoulders. If she were a lesser actress this film wouldn’t have worked as well. The scenes where Emma is going to sleep or just getting up gets a bid tedious, until near the end.

This is a good film, a thriller in every sense of the word. When I think about it, I do the very same things that Emma does everyday. I get up in the morning, grab my phone to see what’s going on, for a deeper look I grab the laptop. It’s probably what almost everyone reading this does. After watching this film…I might leave that laptop closed and turn the phone over face down. NOTE TO SELF: Buy stamps.


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You can rent this film OnDemand or at your favorite streaming site. Make sure you pay for the film. It costs indie artists a lot of money to make a film of this calibre and if you download it without paying, you are costing these filmmakers money.

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