Review: Twin Peaks, The Return: Part 6
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Twin Peaks appears on Sunday nights on Showtime

Kyle and David bring us more weird and wonderful.

Kyle and David bring us more weird and wonderful.

“Don’t Die” –The One Armed Man

The sixth installment of the new Twin Peaks season delivers some moments of satisfaction, pain and laughs. However, the structure of a series of vignettes lacks cohesion leaving the viewer ready for something to happen.


Diane: In this episode, we get to glimpse the enigmatic Diane (Laura Dern) looking chic in a DC bar where she meets with Albert. Shelly: We see Shelly being sweet in an otherwise odd choice of scene in the Double R with a patron and other waitress rife with giggles.


There’s a death scene in episode that highlights the lack of empathy and humanity in Richard Horne, whose parentage remains unknown. The scene allows us to see in contrast the empathy and humanity of Carl (Harry Dean Stanton), who provides comfort to the mourner and witnesses the departure of the soul of the dead.


Dougie is still making his way through the world wiped clean with few obvious glimmers of remembers jogging him. His scenes are all sweet and child-like. One of the most enjoyable bits in this episode is when Janey (Naomi Watts) works out a deal with loan sharks to pay back Dougie’s losses. Another is when the police locate the plate from Dougie’s bombed out car on a neighbor’s roof.

The structure of the episodes is simply a series of vignettes from the various characters without connection. This viewer continues to assume that these various story lines are connected without much support. The lack of connection is beginning to break perhaps for a reason—what can we expect to see next?

As in life, in Twin Peaks the answers often lead to more questions. There’s so much we don’t know about the stories of the residents of Twin Peaks, the revelations are likely to start flowing, but we must expect that the town will keep more secrets than we will ever learn.

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