‘Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse: Abyss’ is the newest book by Shawn Chesser. This is book number 12 and Cade has taken a turn to the dark side. Zombies

In book 11 we were introduced to an inhuman group known as ‘the cannibals.’ This group is headed up by a mysterious woman named Adrian. Zombies are her weapon of choice. This woman is as abhorrent as any other character to be in the other books put together.

Cade Grayson seems to have come very near to the end of his rope. He is a changed man, but is it for the good? He has allowed the young members of the survivors to do more dangerous outings. Cade seems to simply think ‘sink or swim.’ His protection is centered on one person, his daughter Raven.

Most of this book revolves around Cade and company trying to find Adrian and her group of abominable cannibals.

The cannibals does some of their horrible handiwork in the home of a friend to the survivors. This seems to crack something in Grayson. He’s out for blood and he won’t be denied. There are ambushes with large body counts, and a search to find Adrian herself.


Following a successful mission to the nation’s former capital, Cade returns to the compound in rural Utah to find his life irrevocably altered. Days later he leaves the safety of the wire with his daughter, Raven, but things happen while they are away that put the integrity of the compound and the lives of its survivors in jeopardy. Once again Cade must use his set of skills to solve the mystery.

Terra’s Opinion:

This book is the saddest, darkest and hardest to handle than any one of the 11 other books. With Cade being the main character, his moods and feelings are key to how the book reads. We hear the story, for the most part, from his voice and he is very sad. He is a different Cade than we are use to.

Despite STZA: Abyss, being a different book than the others, I still enjoyed it very much. It is a testament to Chesser’s talent as a writer. A huge change like this to a major character is a big chance to take. Mission accomplished, this is a good book, one of my favorites.

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