Syrian short film "I Have a Smile" Review
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“I Have A Smile” By Syrian Filmmaker Majd AL Dalatey

Majd AL Dalatey is an independent filmmaker from Damascus, Syria. He is a budding filmmaker in a country where fighting is reported on much more than films. I want to change that right now.

“I Have A Smile” is a short film lasting only minutes, but it speaks volumes about humanity and how a person can change with just a simple offer of friendship. See the film below.

Majd doesn’t have his film on YouTube yet, so I will give you his Face Book Page address.

Glory Holywood Is the FB page where you can see this film and please do go see it. Leave comments to let Majd that you love his film. Like his page.


Terra’s Opinion

I’ve seen many films from the Middle East, there are some wonderful filmmakers and great documentarians. Majd AL Dalatey is a very small filmmaker, his films aren’t full of CGI. It is full of love and understanding.

In this particular film, Majd plays a man who comes in contact with a seemingly homeless man. Majd’s character pushes him away from the building. The rest of the film is how the man handles it and how changed Majd’s character becomes. It’s touching, it’s clean and simple. There are no words, but there is lovely music. It’s totally up to you to watch and see what you will see in the film. I can only interpret the film as positive coming from a negative in a place where there is some much negative.

Majd AL Dalatey is also an actor and he stars as the (at first) uncaring man. Shadi Shahlahas plays the down on his luck man that would have been happy with just a smile and a pat on the back. Both men end up with so much more.

Please understand that Majd AL Dalatey’s English is not perfect just as speaking or writing his language would be impossible to me. The word ‘smile’ is misspelled, but this is what happens to new filmmakers, especially the ones who are crossing into English and into different mind sets.

Bravo Majd, you did a great job.

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Filmmaker Majd AL Dalatey

Filmmaker Majd AL Dalatey

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