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Short films are the foundation of indie films. Some of the biggest stars in the world and biggest filmmakers in the world have played in them and made them. They are fun, short and sweet. I have to tell you how happy I am to be given the chance to review a short film, “Tailypo.”

“Tailypo” is a short film (14 minutes I believe) that has the feel of being much older than 2015. It feels like one of those juicy “Tales From The Crypt” sort of film.

Because of the length of the movie, it’s hard to give you even a synopsis, but here goes.

A man living in a forest with his old dog is hunting for his dinner. He does get a shot off and gets him and his dog his dinner. That’s all I’m going to tell you. Suffice to say that lots more happens. As short as 14 minutes is, it can be a long time when your on the edge of your set.

Terra’s Opinion

Director Cameron McCasland has a great hold on his craft as a filmmaker. Actor David Chattam is an excellent actor who played opposite a lovely older canine who stole a few scenes, but that’s ok, it just goes to show that Chattam is a generous actor.

This film is based on a very old folktale from the area around the Appalachian Mountains. My mother’s family grew up in this area and I’ve never heard this tale. I did however hear a really scary (and probably racially driven tale) about creature named “Soot Man.” I tell you to explain that this part of the country is rich with folk tales and many of them might seem silly as you set in your nice warm house full of light. But, turn off the lights and step into the forest…not so silly now.

I think most people will find this small film entertaining and maybe a bit humous.

Check it out and enjoy.

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