Blogger Mac, (Faith MacIntyre), is spending Christmas eve at her laptop writing her brand new blog. She writes about the normal things that a young adult would write about. This entry will be her last ‘normal’ report. In the middle of writing she has to leave because ‘something is happening.’

The rest of Mac’s entries are post-apocalypse. An atomic bomb has hit the nearby city. After much anxiety, Mac shakes herself off and starts her journey into a ruined civilization.

The bookstore in which she worked is flattened and her friends dead. As Mac walks through the city she has known all her life, buildings start to fall. Our blogger soon becomes a hero as she and the finally arriving fire department try to save as many people as possible.

As a group of survivors forms it starts to rain. The sky has turned a displeasing shade of orange, but the worst thing about the current situation is that the rain in this new world is acid, deadly acid. One drop can cause a horrible burn. Unfortunately, for our group which now includes a 16-year-old boy who has attached himself to Mac,a  few firemen and some civilians. Obviously, the group doesn’t know about the acid that has replaced the rain in the new world. It is a lesson hard learned when the first drops hit the ground.

This is actually a series of books, 0-3. They are full of the above mentioned acid rain which occurs daily. Dealing with people who have injuries of different types and severities and rabid groups of humans who are deadly territorial. There is also another group of characters in these books, and they are omnipotent predators…zombies. Between the acid rain and the zombies, it’s a very wild world.

Some where along the way Mac becomes the leader of the group. It’s not something she relishes, but she does her best. Also, along the way Mac decides to use her real name, Faith.

Terra’s Opinion

Melanie Edmonds is a great writer who has written a strong female character who leads because she has to, but soon discovers she’s good at it. People are counting on her.

Because of her beloved laptop we know the events that happen and her thoughts . It’s a unique perspective. Although the book does drag in a few places, those places are few and far between. There are a few loose strings that Melanie has left behind, but the story is epic so that isn’t surprising. She also understands her female characters very well and surprisingly her male characters are full and true to form also. It’s good to have it both ways.

I recommend this series as it is written well, with a great plot and wonderful characters. It can be depressing, but that is what the apocalypse is…stock up on prozac dear readers.

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