“The Promise” is dark author Shawn Chesser’s newest zombie eBook. The Review.

With completely new characters and places, Shawn creates another scary universe for his fans to enjoy.


Army veteran Lee Riker is staying in an Atlanta shelter and supporting himself with the odd carpentry job when his sister, Tara, summons him home to Middletown, Indiana for the reading of their mother’s will.

Hopeful that the unknown sum of money included in his portion of the inheritance will be sufficient to bring an end to his latest run of bad luck and trouble, Riker boards a Greyhound bus in Atlanta with his duffel bag, less than two hundred dollars to his name, and a secret he must protect at all costs.

Riker makes it to Middletown only to learn his sister has recently witnessed a gruesome death. Insisting she saw the victim rise from a pool of his own blood to attack the Samaritan rendering aid, Tara floats the idea that the man may have been a zombie.

While the siblings are comparing what Tara thinks she saw to the conflicting stories about the event being reported on the news, the emergency broadcast system is activated and they find themselves under order to report to one of three newly established quarantine centers.

With this unexpected turn of events looming over their heads, and as a result the reading of the will likely postponed indefinitely, Riker informs Tara of the promise he made to their mother on her deathbed months ago.

A promise whose details leave Tara nearly as confused as those of the grisly attack haunting her every thought.

A promise that Riker insists is worth ignoring the government edict in order to fulfill.

A promise that requires the Rikers to leave town even as shadowy forces seek to seal it off from the rest of the country—a tall order they soon learn will be easier said than done. (Amazon.com)

Terra’s opinion

When I first heard that Shawn had written a new book and it wasn’t another volume of “Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse,” I was sad. I’ve enjoyed STZA books and I don’t want them to end, however it must be difficult for a writer to be limited to one universe. Shawn does love his characters, but the new universe he has created is also an interesting place.

I enjoyed “The Promise” (Riker’s Apocalypse) even though it did drag during the first few chapters. This could be because I was waiting for zombies to show up and they show up later.

Lee Riker and his sister Tara get caught up in a really bad situation. As the siblings  go through some of the events during the start of what seems like the zombie apocalypse, the feeling of the book changes. “The Promise” goes from being the tale of siblings waiting to see how much money their mother left  them; to being the tale of those siblings on the run from a huge government cover-up.  It has zombies interwoven here and there.

While there are zombies in “The Promise,” I was waiting for more. That being said, I found myself being very nervous about the plot and what would happen to the characters. The sign of a good author and a good book.

Regardless of the number of zombies, “The Promise” is an interesting book and I look forward to more installments in this new Shawn Chesser offering.

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