Time to Purge.


Michael Bay again steps up to produce the third in the “Purge” franchise. “The Purge: Election Year” will be released on the 4th of July and it looks like it will be an awesome film. Check the trailer below.

When the first film came out in 2013, horror movie fans had some thing that they never get, a fresh idea. When the next installment came out in 2014, it was a completely different story, but still revolving around the idea of the Purge. It was a good second film. Now comes “The Purge: Election Year” which promises to be yet again a completely different synopsis and still revolves around the idea of the Purge.

For those of you who have not seen the films (why)? the synopsis is this:

Once a year, for twelve hours, all laws are suspended in the United States. Even murder is legal. The first film was great because it featured a family that had a very cool ‘safe’ room. However they didn’t use it and for that they paid.

The second film revolved around a group of people who either got caught out when the siren sounded and the Purge started. There were also some who were kidnapped and taken out into the night.

Even though every law can be broken it seems like murder is the most popular. Kill your boss, kill the guy who is up against you for a promotion. Kill Kill and Kill. So exciting.

On July 4th 2016, everyone should go see “The Purge: Election Year,” just get home before the siren sounds for the Purge to begin.

I’m interested in how many of you would participate in the Purge and in what way. Is there someone who needs killing? Would you go get a big screen TV? Would your mother-in-law be in big trouble? Or, would you stay home and just try to stay safe for 12 hours. Please comment below. I’m really interested.

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