'This is Happening' Cloris Leachman Steals the Show
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“This is Happening”

This is Happening,’ now playing on the platforms below, is a road trip comedy starring the ABFAB Cloris Leachman.

Leachman plays Estelle, a grandmother whose grandchildren are given the job of grabbing her and taking her off to an assisted living home. The kids, who are grown, but you would think they were still screaming kids, don’t like grandma, don’t like dad, (played by Judd Nelson), and they specifically don’t like each other. The two grand kids are, James Wolk as Philip and Mickey Sumner as Megan.

Philip is out of work and Megan…sells dope. The siblings get the job of going to Palm Springs and picking up Grandma. However, there are some complications, like a stuffed, long dead dog.

Megan sees an opportunity to get some big time weed and off they go….screaming at each other all along the way.

Grandma Estelle obviously doesn’t want to go and when she finds out the plan, she changes it, immediately.

Terra’s Opinion

The opening scene features Philip’s girlfriend, Ashley played by Emily Tremaine waking up to have fun and games in bed (no prude am I, but still…) She and Philip are involved in an unnecessary sexual situation that was clumsy and didn’t move the story where it needed to go. After getting an audience to watch a film, you have to catch them a second time so they stay. Most directors, in this case Ryan Jaffe, like to open up with one of two things; Blood or Sex. Unless it’s a computer generated film then you have to go with big time computer graphics.

The sex scene didn’t open the film well, but “This is Happening” is more than just it’s opening.

Cloris Leachman as Estelle is priceless. It’s hard to watch a few scenes as it has to do with the end of ones journey on earth. She is also still as good as she ever was and can still sell any situation. Impeccable comedic timing is not something you can learn, you’re born with it and Ms. Leachman got every bit of talent that was available.

Mickey Sumner’s Megan and James Wolk’s Philip have their moments, but I didn’t feel the way I wanted to feel. James is cute as can be and does himself proud as does Mickey, but it’s just off for some reason. I think a part of the reason is because the two didn’t gel just as their characters didn’t,  we needed to see their characters become close and have a happy ending. The two do achieve a bit of what was necessary for the film..

Even though my review is a bit harsh, that isn’t to say this is a bad film. Like most comedies, it will find it’s audience.



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