True Paranormal Stories CGI Animation By A. P. Damien
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True Paranormal stories. CGI animation by A.P. Damien with Bunny Birch.

A.P. Damien

If the amount of reality ghost/paranormal shows on TV is any indication, ghosts are alive and well. There are true paranormal stories

Now comes author Azrael Paul Damien with a unique take on the ordinary ghost (in this episode)  show. His web series is now available and is entitled “Ghostly Murders Real Life Xfile Declassified 1.” The first episode is online, click the link above to view this episode.

This show revolves around two CGI characters based on Azrael and Bunny talking about real ghost stories over a dead body in a morgue.

Each takes a turn to one up the other. The first case that is covered by A.P. is the strange case of  Teresita Basa who allegedly solved her own murder  channeled through a friend who then revealed the information to the local authorities. I researched this case and it is a true case and is repeated here pretty much intact. This case is from 1977.

The next case that Bunny tells A.P. is that of  Zona Heaster Shue. I have likewise, researched this tale and it is also a true story. Mrs Shue is now known as ‘The Greenbrier Ghost.’

The next haunting they discuss is “Amityville.” This story is known to most people interested in the paranormal and true crime. It’s a fascinating story and it has a place in this video.

The next and final true story is about the “Vallisca Ax Murder House.” The house is in Illinois and the murders happened in 1912. There were two adults and six children axed to death in their home in their sleep, not too long after they got home from church. This murder remains unsolved. Bunny explains to A.P. all about the Ax Murders and the hauntings that have been happening ever since. This house was actually featured on the popular paranormal reality show “Ghost Adventures.”

Lasting just over 11 minutes this is a very cool take on ghost shows and well worth your while. The next episode will premiering soon, possibly on Friday. Future episodes will include close encounters of the third kind and other paranormal topics. There is something for everyone.



Stay tuned here for more on “Ghostly Murders Real Life Xfile Declassified 1.”

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