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The movie ‘Tsunambee’ (now on VOD), is not what you think it is.


After a catastrophe strikes Los Angeles, survivors face an even greater threat, thousands of giant killer bees, ushering in the end of the world!


The basic story of “Tsunambee” is that the apocalypse has hit via giant bees and those who escaped the city are gathered in a desert community?  Two groups of people find each other and then tries to kill each other. The law arrives in the form of a female cop who seems pained.

So, here’s the twist. Yes, there is a twist and yes, I will reveal it here. Most of you are thinking that large killer bees rolling in on an earthquake (tsunami style) would be horrifying enough. However, no, there is more. If one is stung by one of these bees the injury causes death and then….zombiism. Bet ya didn’t see that comin’. This twist actually works well since the rest of the movie doesn’t.

There is a another story that is woven into this already too full tale. It’s that of a cop who chases some kids into an ally and then shoots one of them.

With taglines such as “This is gonna sting a little” and “Experience the buzz kill this June,” “Tsunambee” has a lot to live up to. Actually, my only expectation was that a big wave of water would wash over a small beach community and bring huge bees with it ala “Sharknado.” I feel so cheated. No Tsunami, no beach community and no fun. This film is actually set in a desert. I suppose the earthquake that ushers in the arrival of the bees has to suffice.

The Syfy channel plays a lot of films of this genre and I must say that “Tsunambee” is better than many of those. Yes, I know exactly how bad the Syfy films are since I live with a man possessed by them. This film was right up his ally and he loved it. As for myself, I felt IQ points running for the door.

Terra’s Opinion

Much of what I wrote above is tongue in cheek. This film has an audience and they will find it. Giant bugs and zombies are and have always been popular. They usually aren’t in the same film, but hey…now they are. The zombies, the few you see, are really good looking. Good make up, not your normal lowbrow zombie.

The acting is a mixed bag. Some of the actors are good and a few aren’t. Since this is an indie film, I won’t pick on who isn’t the best actor in the film. That’s not what I do here. AND, I’ve seen much worse.

The one think I keep coming back to is…how does a bee sting reanimate a body. I believe the answer lies in the Bible and if I’m not completely wrong, I believe this film mentions it in some way. I still didn’t see it coming.

Now on VOD, check Amazon.

‘Tsunambee’ is a mixed bag of antagonists.











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