Review: 'Twin Peaks: The Return Part 4' David Lynch
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“Twin Peaks: The Return” Review

For my money, “Twin Peaks: The Return Part 4” gets my biggest thumbs up yet. The episode, which I shall now refer to as “Mr. Jackpots” is the one many viewers have been waiting for. The episode spends much more time in the town of Twin Peaks as well as in our shared reality.

More of the strange and seemingly unrelated portions of the three previous episodes come together and assure us that there’s an order at work.

In this episode, the staff of the Sheriff’s Department are brainstorming to decipher the code given to Hawk by the Log Lady. We meet Andy and Lucy’s son played by a charming Michael Cera.

Meanwhile, Agent Cooper is still recovering from his journey between worlds. We witness his birth and infancy as he seemingly relearns everything with the help of his annoyingly typical wife played by Naomi Watts.

Cooper’s FBI colleagues travel to South Dakota and meet Cooper’s Doppelganger with much more presumed to come in the future episodes. In Part 4, the series hits its stride. It’s full of humor and a sense of coming back to your hometown. Its all fingersnaps and donuts. “Twin Peaks: The Return.”

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“Twin Peaks: The Return”

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