'Ukraine Is Not A Brothel' Review
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“Ukraine is not a Brothel”

This documentary by Kitty Green is about a feminist movement in the Ukraine called ‘Femen.’ The point of this organization is to point out that Ukraine is not a brothel. Several women have merged together to point this out with their breasts.

Kitty Green follows these women around to their ‘protests. The members of Femen have taken off their tops and bras and have written clever little slogans like ‘STOP’ on their chest and tummies.  They ring bells in a cathedral and stand on the streets and other places to protest the horrible image and treatment of women in the Ukraine.

Women, such as Inna, Sasha, Anna and Oksana are actually pawns of the mysterious Victor. This man, who is interviewed in the end, runs the show. He tells the girls what to write on their bodies and how to act and where to go. He pays to have certain women come in for the protests. One of these gals is a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman). She parades herself out on the street naked except for a thong and writing all over her. A woman was injured during this particular protest. A man bum rushed her and pushed her through a door where she ended up on the floor, badly bruised. Actually, most of these woman are bruised after every protest.

Another ‘bright idea’ trip, was to Belarus. This is a seriously scary country where the old guard still seems to be hanging on. The women were quickly pulled off the streets by the police and taken by other men via van to an unknown place. They were made to strip naked and at least one was fondled. The woman who told this story said that ‘she thought they would be killed.’ At another stop, she thought they would be raped. Instead, they were let go and told which way the Ukraine was. They had to run home through a thick forest. They didn’t reveal if they had their clothing back or not.

Terra’s Opinion

This documentary was hard to watch. I’m not a feminist, which is my choice. I’ve never felt the need to fight for things I already have or know I will get. Someone close to me was a really good example of a woman who got what she wanted without a man to get it for her.

I completely disagree with the women who think they are helping their fellow country-women. I truly believe they think they are helping.

One woman confessed to being a dancer in a club. I suspect some of the others do at least that. None of them seem to be too educated.

I also believe that they were ‘molested’ in Belarus and I think someone should pay for that. Unfortunately, it will be the women who went through it.

The Ukraine people are proud, most docs you will see are about their fight for freedom. At this point in time I would think that winning freedom for the country would be more important than a man tricking some unworldly women into parading around in the nude.

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