‘Vertical City: A Zombies Thriller’

There are so many Zombies genre ebooks  written by Indie writers it’s hard to read all the new ones.  I read them all the time and still don’t have time to review all of them. However, when I run across a good one such as “Vertical City: A Zombie Thriller,” I must review so everyone has a chance to read this set of books.

Author George S. Mahaffey, Jr. has many book s on Amazon.com for sale. Many feature zombies. I choose this set of books because I love zombies and I have always been intrigued about the subject of hiding during the ZA (Zombie Apocalypse). This book explores safe housing in detail.

Here is the synopsis of the first book:

In the midst of a global pandemic, a group of evacuees are marooned atop a skyscraper in a major city after a terrible helicopter crash. Abandoning the streets to millions of hungry infected, the survivors seal off the structure at the 10th floor and string wires between it and other buildings to avoid being eaten alive by the hordes rampaging below. But dwindling supplies force those still alive to take greater risks as they struggle to survive hundreds of feet off the ground.

One of the persons on that helicopter was Wyatt. He was only a baby so the Vertical City (VC1), is the only home he has ever had. Everyone in the high rise has a job. Wyatt’s job in ‘The Vertical City” is being a ‘jumper.’ He and his crew go out everyday to find things the community could use. They mark were it is and then another team comes in whose job it is to actually bring the item back to the VC1 building. The VC1  sets in the vicinity of other high rise buildings. As it turns out these buildings are too close for comfort.

As a jumper, Wyatt and his team go out and free climb over and through the other buildings. There are little secrets throughout buildings put there by others in the community to allow some easier climbs. Things such as makeshift bridges and places to hide.

The buildings are very old and many have a lot of water damage. It’s more difficult under these circumstances. There is always the chance of falling through a floor, or exposure to mold. However, these small annoyances are nothing compared to the ‘Dubs.’ The Dubs is what the humans call the zombies. They are very clever, they communicate and they walk into the buildings. It’s one of the things the jumpers and other working groups have to be very careful of. They respond to sound and are always around. Thousands of them, millions of them.

The book never reveals which city the buildings are located it, but it’s a big city and reminds of of New York.

Other characters in the book that stand out are Gus, who raises Wyatt, Odin who is the leader of the whole shindig. Others that are jumpers, Shooter, and Del Frisco who has a habit of singing vintage rock songs.

Through four books, all fast reads, you get to know these characters very well. As in most good books, you worry about who will be lost and who will live to fight another day.

As the man in charge, Odin, seems to be kind of like an M&M. Crispy on the outside with a nut on the inside. He is the head honcho with an agenda that rivals that of most disturbed leaders.

Gus tells Wyatt of his thoughts about the community and that Odin is dangerous. Wyatt isn’t buying it, but that may change in the future. Lines will be drawn and friends turn on friends. Kind of like our own civil war.

Another character enters this world of horror in the high rises who is trying to find survivors. Naia starts out as a ghost like-figure who steps out and saves Wyatt’s butt and eventually becomes part of the group who wants to escape the VC1 community that has gone crazy.

Staying isn’t an option, but leaving is almost a guaranteed death as there are literally millions of Dubs and they are smart and hungry.


Terra’s Opinion

As I mentioned at the opening of this review, I’m always trying to figure out safe places to be during the ZA. A high rise building is the top of my list. This book is making me reconsider. These survivors had to block off with concrete the tenth floor, but the Dubs are just beyond the concreted areas. There is always a chance they will get in. If even a few make it in, it’s a spread of the virus, not good at all.

But, it’s still something that might work out. The problem is their are millions of Dubs and they aren’t rotting away and they aren’t moving on. Also, the other buildings are full of Dubs and these zombies aren’t stupid, they actually set traps. They can be quiet with only their scent to give them away.

The only big flaw I find with this book is that Mahaffey, Jr. introduced a character that could have been interesting from another building. However, he was not used after his intro. We hardly see the character again. Too bad, but that’s really the only thing I have a problem with.

Characters are full and their actions make sense. I had feelings for more than one and was sad or happy depending on what happened. There are some super heroes here and some villains. Not all of the villains are Dubs.

This series is four parts and you can purchase them separately or all four together. If you are worried you won’t like it, just grab number one for free right now. It’s worth your time as the story line is tight and it’s a quick read. Enjoy

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  1. george s. mahaffey jr.

    Terra: thanks for the kind words and for reviewing the books – I know how much work it is to read everything and prepare a proper review, so thanks very much!




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