“The Walking Dead” 7.1 Review SPOILER ALERT!!!!! NO, REALLY! SPOILER ALERT!!!!!

First of all, welcome to the new site! This was “terrasindependentvoice.com” for several years and now we have decided that in order to get more readership we shall be featuring much more than just my beloved Indie entertainment. We are now About the Movies (ATM). As always I am looking for writers, movie reviewers, Disney Experts (Pins, Restaurants, etc). We are very excited and want to get off on the right leg so…here is a spoiler filled review of the “The Walking Dead” the episode in which we found out who Negan killed with ‘Lucille.’

Below is my review, be sure to keep on reading after you watch my review. I am going to do most of my reviews via video. It’s easier and I can get things out quicker. You have no idea how much work I’ve had stacked to the ceilings. Now, I can get it done. Watch the review and then continue one.

OK, there you have it. Glenn and Abe are gone and Negan has established himself as the Cock of the Walk.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays the evil Negan, has been on many TV shows such as “Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy and The Good Wife.” Now with Morgan on TWD, we have a really evil foe to Rick’s good guy. My questions is, how long will he last? The Governor lasted season three, four and five. Not all of three and five, but didn’t he make a big blow up?

What can we expect to see during this season? Is there anything that will come even close to what happened in 7.1? Gosh, I hope not. I believe we will see Rick telling everyone that Negan was in charge now. I knew that because it was on the trailers that were shown on “The Talking Dead.”  However, who wants to bet that as soon as things calm down (as much as they can), that Maggie will manage to talk Rick into some sort of plan to get rid of Negan and his band of horrible men?

That’s if for now, I and my spoiler bear are leaving to see whatever other trouble we can get into.


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