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Sunday, April 3rd was very confusing, sad and, to some, unfulfilling. It was the night we were shown the season finale of “The Walking Dead,” AMC’s biggest hit shows and one of the best shows on TV.

Many fans are angry that they don’t know who received the business end of Lucille.

How can we find out? Apparently, not even the cast members know who it will be. I would normally say, ‘this sucks,’ but it really doesn’t. I was  upset on Sunday, I just wanted to know. I watched the taped live (does that make sense?), FB talk that Chris Hardwick did Sunday night and it was really helpful.

“The Walking Dead” is a TV show, that is done well. If we know who was killed, we wouldn’t have anything to talk about until next October. We would just grieve for a while and it would be over. The show would have to start all over  in season 7.

But, the question remains….WHO GOT KILLED? The show runners mentioned that there were clues in that final scene. Many sites online are posting a YouTube video which slows down the last part of the last scene of the finale. As the camera goes to first person so you can hear what is POSSIBLY  being said. Check it out below. Warning, it’s really creepy.


Here is my opinion with a caveat . I am never right about any of this stuff.

I don’t think it will be Rick or Carl. Negan wants Rick to suffer. Also,  Rick could be very useful to him. Regarding Carl, in the comic books, Negan doesn’t kill women or children. If the show follows the comic on this subject that leaves Maggic, Sasha, Michonne and Rosita in the clear. Obviously, that would leave Carl in the clear also.

So, that leaves Glenn, Abraham, Daryl, Eugene and Aron. We know that the show runners claim they are killing off a fan favorite. This would eliminate Aron. It would probably eliminate Eugene also. Eugene has a following, but I wouldn’t call him a fan favorite. I’m thinking it would be a person that is either  one of the first cast members or someone who has really made a name for himself with the fans. This person is probably Abraham. This leaves Glenn and Daryl. These are interesting choices because they both have side projects that could take them away from doing “The Walking Dead.”

Norman Reedus has a TV show coming on AMC called “Ride With Norman Reedus.” (Yes, please, pretty please..deep sigh). So, when you look at Norman’s IMDBpro page, it simply says 2016. Another site states that the show will be released in June. There are six episodes each an hour long. I think most of those episodes are ‘in the can,’ they’re done and this wouldn’t allow him to continuing on with “The Walking Dead.”

Steven Yeun, on the other hand, has a great big old plate of projects.

See below.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 5.59.55 PM






That’s a lot of work. He’s an executive producer on one of the projects and while no one is really sure what an EP does…it does take a lot of time. So…Glenn could be leaving the show to move on to the next step of his career.

The person who will probably get killed off will be Glenn. HOWEVER, in my heart  I feel like it will be Abraham. When Negan came to Abraham, Abe stood up straighter on his knees raising his head to Lucille level. Abraham is an Alpha male and will probably not change to fit Negan’s plans. (Negan doesn’t really know any of our survivors or he would kill all the men except maybe Aron (sorry Ross Marquand).

Well, there is my breakdown of the season finale of “The Walking Dead.”

Feel free to start a conversation below in the comments. You have to sign up for the site, but we do not send emails nor sell your info. So, until the next trailer is released, I stand at ease.

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