What to watch for Halloween 2016?

Below in my third video for my newly relaunched site, you will find all the best things to watch for Halloween 2016. There are a few things I missed. The major one is that I didn’t include ‘The Booth Brothers.’ If you read my site regularly, or even once, you will see article and reviews of The Booth Brother’s films. Horror and Paranormal documentaries. Christopher and Philip are amazing filmmakers. They’ve made docs about “Waverly Sanatorium, Children of the Grave 1 &1, and the plight of American Natives.” They are on FaceBook or you can watch their documentaries on Amazon.com. Christopher has also written two books which are also on Amazon.com. Their website is spookedtelevisionreleasing.com.

I’m interested in knowing what everyone else will be watching tonight. Do you like horror or sci-fi? What is the difference to you between the two?

What is your favorite horror film? Why?

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Always interested in a good indie film, my taste run towards Horror and documentaries. Rom-coms are my least favorite genre, but I will always take a look for the better good of the site. I've reviewed films for seven years and want to do it for about 20 more...we will see.

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    Perfect for creepy and suspenseful movies, Syfy has already been airing Halloween-related content this month with its “31 Days of Halloween.” This includes episodes of


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